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Art & Stephanie Stevenson 

"Our own picture page!"


Art and Stephanie doing what they do best!


Art and Stephanie warming up for a show.

The first High Water band: Biscuit, Art, and Stephanie at Schmidt's Corner Tavern in 1993.


Art and Stephanie's house on the Yellow River.


The Yellow River in spring flood - that's why the band's named High Water!


The start of our annual pickin' party, May 2002.


We call him George. He raids our birdfeeder every night.


Stephanie's favorite tree...a giant cottonwood near Babcock, Wis.

Feeding the birds in the Colorado Rockies. Notice the gray jay in Steph's hand, and on Art's hat and breakfast plate.


Art and Stephanie on the summit of Mt. Elbert, Colorado's highest peak, Oct. 2002.


Art visits a miner's cabin near Mt. Elbert, CO at 12,000 feet elevation.



A skiing, snowshoeing, and songwriting escape at Biscuit's camp, near Cayuga, Wis.


Art at a late night campfire jam session, Wisconsin-style.



Stephanie at a favorite Northwoods spot.


Cooling off...


Mellowing out in Biscuit's canvas cook tent.


Art and Mike Bowen after a great morning of walleye fishing.


Jamming with Jimmy Campbell at Manitowish Waters.

Camping on Capo Island with the "guitar pickin' yo-buds" Biscuit, The Beej, and Goose Gander. Somebody ought to take a metal detector and find those lost capos.